Participating students, partners, start-ups/institutions agree to the following when taking part in the DCLivingLab:

  • Results or proof of concepts realised within the DC Living Lab cannot be kept confidential. Partners in the DC Living Lab, start-ups/institutions (named “challenge owners”) and participating students are each allowed to communicate in public on results of the DC Living Lab. Start-ups/institutions taking part as “challenge owner” are allowed to freely exploit the results and obtain the property rights.
  • Ideas that are being generated during brainstorm sessions in the DC Living Lab are the result of the dynamics of the group and/or by associative thinking techniques. They cannot be assigned to one individual person.
  • Participating students agree that ideas can be used by the challenge owners and that no financial compensation is owed by the problem owners.
  • Participating students that already had ideas in mind that they do not wish to be used by the challenge owners, are expected to not express these ideas during the DC Living Lab.
  • Participating students and challenge owners agree that drawings, texts and any other material created during the DC Living Lab can be used by the challenge owner without any financial compensation.
  • Moral rights on drawings, texts or other material produced by participating students during the DC Living Lab remain reserved for them.