In 2017 DCLivingLab was organized by VIA University College, Aarhus University and USE with support and help from the Districts of Creativity and Aarhus – European Capital of Culture 2017. DCLivingLab 2017 took place in Aarhus, Denmark from 30rd of October to 3rd of November.

60 international students created future products and perspectives on the theme ‘Creative Resilience’ in close collaboration with the Creativity World Forum. All participants chose to focus on one of three themes: Creative People, Creative Enterprise and Creative City. The students were participating and engaging in the Creativity World Forum and showcased their reflections and products in Sydhavnen (south harbour) where the young future generation of creatives predicted the future for city resilience and creative industries.


The following are examples of solutions presented by the participants:

  • CO(W)-TOWN is an open space for collaboration with a physical playground and an online layer to catalyze the community’s vibrancy. CO(W)-TOWN represents a place where everyone appreciates one another, can build on each other’s strengths and preach the collective voice that Sydhavnen needs.
  • In the AR app you can create your own profile, which will help you interact with other residents in Sydhavnen. Whenever you use the AR app, you can see a cloud above the heads of others who use the app as well. In that cloud you can see who they are and what role they play in the area. This creates an interactive and dynamic environment, bringing residents closer together. With the help of the AR app, Sydhavnen will become a place where memories can be created. Where parties can be hold, where technology can be implemented and where friendships can be made.
  • Every month the Black Box will provide you with materials for you to do artistic work on the wall. It’s open for everyone to come and participate. In order to create interaction between the people at the Black Box and the people elsewhere in Aarhus, they will create an installation to trigger their curiosity about the Black Box.
  • One group invented the first ATM of human capital. You donate some of your time in the bank. As a volunteer, you will be contacted and activated when needed by one of the stakeholders in Sydhavnen. In exchange of your time and energy you’ll be thanked with exhibitions and memorable experiences to share with the people you love.


(Video made by Paulien Janssen)