In October 2019 the 4th edition of DCLivingLab was organized in Brabant (Netherlands)by BrabantDC, Rotary and Koning Willem 1 College. More than 30 students worked in teams on innovation challenges which they brought along from their home countries. There was a wide range of topics diverging from sanitary towels in Kenya to sustainable mobility in Mexico and from stimulating the use of seaweed to reducing stress levels among youngpeople. Yet, all teams had one similargoal: to change the inevitable. In only 5 days.

On the first evening the task was to get to know each other. After the first polite conversations the ice was finally really broken by the old Dutch game Annemaria Koekoek. The next day the “real” work started. Lectured by young designers the students were inspired how you might change the world from a designer perspective. Afterwards, the students presented their challenges and teams were created. Guided by facilitators from
Koning Willem 1 College and Ynnovate all teams worked on innovative solutions for their challenge. Using both the ICE model and the Ynnovate method a wide range of new creative ideas was produced in the process.

During the final evening the best solutions were presented, welcomed by many rounds of applause from the audience for all the effort and drive that was put into it. But even more than new solutions, new connections were made for the future. After having attended DCLivingLab one of the participants concluded: ‘I must say that I have a massive
feeling of homesickness. Not only did I learn a lot during the forum, the people who attended were nothing but fun and pleasure. It feels like I’ve reached a whole other level of co-creation and friendship.’ And that is exactly why we organize DCLivingLab.

For the follow up of the projects we try to stay in touch with the challenge owners. In this way we aim to enhance the impact of DCLivingLab even after the exchange.