When and where

DCLivingLab 2019 takes place in Brabant, in The Netherlands (20-25 October) during the Creativity World Forum: DC Network’s flagship conference on creativity and innovation. This multi-day international event about creativity and innovation is expected to bring together 1,500-2,000 professionals from various disciplines (creative sector, business, education, government, NGOs) and from all over the world. We wish the participants of CWF2019 (and you will be part of it!) to experience and feel that creativity, creative thinking and imagineering can help them to make a change – to be the change! – in this world full of paradoxes.

CWF2019: Change the Inevitable

To make this required transformations and create the world we want, it is essential to join the forces of diverse actors and sectors and take collaborative action, leaving no one behind. Creativity, imagineering, innovation can help to do just that: together we can Change the Inevitable. That is the theme of the CWF2019. Please find out more on http://www.CWF2019.com.