Who can participate?

We are looking for young people from all over the world who, most importantly:

  • want to Change the Inevitable
  • have a creative and entrepreneurial mindset
  • bring along a local/regional challenge that is connected to one of the following themes: inclusiveness, resources, food supplies or mobility. In the application form you will find more information about the requirements of the challenge you should bring.

And, more practically:

  • are fluent in English
  • preferably have a background in creativity (design, architecture, media, communication, music, fashion, arts, gaming, web/apps/VR)
  • age between 18 and 30.

A maximum of 60 students will be able to take part in DCLivingLab 2019. Your application does not necessarily mean you can take part: there will be a selection procedure. Please read ‘how to apply’ underneath for the conditions.

What does it cost?

Participation is free of charge and includes: participation in the DCLivingLabfree guest pass for the Creativity World Forum 2019, accommodation for 6 nights (for foreign participants, Sunday – Saturday) and dinners on October 2021 and 24. Not included: your travel costs, nor any financial grant during your stay. 

How to apply?

You can register by filling out the online candidate application form. Deadline for application is 26 July.
In our application form you will be asked questions about how you use creativity in daily life, what you want to learn during your exchange and what motivates you to join DCLivingLab 2019. Most importantly, we will ask you about the challenge you will bring to Brabant.

We want to hear about your challenge!

All over the world global issues generate local challenges: how do we make the right choices today for a sustainable world tomorrow? Can we use high-tech solutions without widening the digital gap and social exclusion? How do we include migrants without losing their identity? What if we could reduce CO2 emissions while still traveling the world?

These are global issues, yet locally addressed in different ways from different perspectives. For DCLivingLab 2019 we invite you to bring along your own local challenge and your own dreams for the future. During the exchange we will work on 10 selected challenges together!

Your challenge should be connected to at least one of the main themes of CWF 2019:
the paradox of (un)limited inclusiveness
the paradox of (un)limited resources
the paradox of (un)limited food
the paradox of (un)limited mobility

If we select your challenge, we will contact you and the challenge owner or other stakeholders asap. After that we will ask you to fill in the CWF registration form and then you are all set. So first off all fill in the DCLivingLab application form and tell us all about your challenge! After that we will get back to you.

What happens with the results/IP created in the DCLivingLab?

Our IP-charter outlines the conditions for students and companies/organisations regarding the results and IP created in a DCLivingLab.

(Photo credits: Use Academy)